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Registration Forms

Full Registration Packet
Page(s) Form Name DOC PDF
Pgs. 1 – 7 Holly Springs Academy Registration Packet word.png pdf.png
Individual Registration Pages (From Packet)
Page(s) Form Name DOC PDF
Pg. 1 Holly Springs Academy Authorization Form word.png pdf.png
Pgs. 2 – 3 Summary of NC Childcare Laws and Rules word.png pdf.png
Pgs. 4 – 5 Registration Form word.png pdf.png
Pg. 6 Childrens Medical Report word.png pdf.png
Pg. 7 Childs Immunization History word.png pdf.png
Holly Springs Academy Parent Handbook
Page(s) Form Name DOC PDF
Pgs. 1 – 16 Holly Springs Parent Handbook   pdf.png