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“I want to tell you how much Hadleigh and Hayden LOVE coming to your center. I knew Hayden would like it because he loves change and learning. Hadleigh, on the other hand, is my ‘Baby Girl’ and has been by my side forever. She has not cried once when leaving her with you and has been excited to go to school every day. When I ask her what she did today she has so much to tell me. This ,of course, means the world to me. Thank you.”

— M.F.   Parent of 3 and 5 year olds 

"We arrived at Holly Springs Academy following our exit from two well-known local centers, one an independent like HSA and another which is a nationally-recognized high-end franchise.  Our family's reasons for selecting HSA as our child's daily care provider were simple:

  • HSA's staff are genuinely engaged - it is very clear that HSA staff members genuinely care about the quality of service that is provided and they diligently work for the betterment of HSA students.  This level of engagement is visible daily at HSA.  
  • HSA is a school that is focused on the happiness and satisfaction of its students and parents.  As a parent who felt "ripped-off" by previous providers, it is very refreshing for our son to be enrolled in a school that strives to provide the greatest possible value to its students and parents.  HSA is open virtually as much as possible, whereas many other schools close frequently while billing for the full time.
  • The pricing is better than fair when compared to the high level of service that is provided.
  • HSA only serves its students food that parents would happily serve.  We are no longer worried about the food our son eats during his school day.
  • HSA TEACHES its students!!  Our son continually shows off things that he's learned at school, and the staff clearly communicates what has been taught each and every day.  This level of involvement is not only refreshing, it makes us as parents ecstatic!

We strongly recommend HSA to any parent in search of a child care provider in the Holly Springs/Apex area.  We couldn't be more pleased with the quality of service provided."

— B. and M. B.    Parents of one year old

"I have two girls enrolled at HSA.  Both started full time in December of 2012.   I was very nervous because my younger daughter had only been going to a half day mommy’s day out program 1 day a week.  So I figured we would have long drawn out drop off’s with lots of tears and screaming.  But this did not happen at all!! ( for either her or me). Don’t get me wrong, occasionally we have a cry day…but I do that when I don’t want to go to work too! The teachers are, however, very comforting and calming. They immediately take up the child hug and console them and by the time you are out the bldg. they have stopped!  Both my girls love ALL the teachers at HSA. As soon as we walk in they make it a point to stop off at each classroom to say hello on the way to their room! (they do this on the way out too!) All my observations of the teachers with the kids has been very positive.  They seem to talk to them about their actions in a calming manner and explain why something is not “acceptable”.  A word my 4 year old uses on me now…”mommy that is not acceptable behavior”.

They are also teaching them healthy eating habits at HSA. My 5 year old (who is my picky eater) will now try anything at least once. And is constantly asking “mommy is this healthy”, “Mommy is there a vegetable in my lunch”!  My 3 year old who never really cared for milk, now asks for it often. I know they get organic milk for lunch.  And she LOVES hummus now. Both my girls love fruits and veggie’s and I know it’s because HSA teaches healthy eating.

My 5 year old has been to the museum, mining for gems, bowling, a bouncy house  place, the Holly Springs Cultural Arts Center, and just this week, an Orchard! She is going to be fully prepared for kindergarten next year and this is all thanks to the great teachers that start the process as young as the 1 year olds. The teachers are dedicated to seeing each child excel. There is no doubt in my mind about this."

— W.S.   Parent of 3 and 5 year olds 

My son has been with HSA for 2 years.  We moved from VA and it was an easy transition to HSA.  My son didn't cry at all, he was so happy to be there - the teachers embraced him and made him feel safe and welcome.  The teachers are wonderful!  We have parent/teacher conferences two times per year...I have never had that at any other daycare/pre-school.  We have been extremely happy with the quality of care and education he has received.  HSA is like a little family, the staff know the names of the parents and my son loves his teachers! I know that HSA is a great place when I show up to pick my son up and he comes and gives me a hug and then wants to stay and continue to play with his friends. The owners are outstanding! They really are looking out for the best interest of the children and involve parents in many of the decisions involved with the school. I have recommended HSA to all of my neighbors and friends, it's a great place and I will miss the staff there when my son moves into kindergarten next year.

— L.S.     Parent of 4 year old

 “My husband and I had been looking at daycares in Holly Springs for a while. We came across Holly Springs Academy when my oldest child kept commenting on the outside play area. We went to the open house and really loved the teachers and the curriculum. They really think outside the box with the kids and are very innovative in how they teach the kids.  Another thing that drove our decision to Holly Springs Academy was that they offer organic snacks and drinks to the kids. I have never heard of a daycare doing this! I feel so comfortable knowing that my kids are well taken care of and are getting the mental stimulation and healthy food they deserve! This is an awesome place to have your kids grow and thrive!!”

— B.L. Parent of 18 month and 4 year old at Holly Springs Academy

“Holly Springs Academy is an excellent center! My child is much happier and excited to get to school in the morning. Very refreshing to deal with a team of people who put your child's best interest first and you can tell by their attitudes that they want to be there and love what they do. Very refreshing and appreciated. The snacks are another thing I love. My picky eater is now requesting healthy snacks that he would never think twice about before.”

— J.E.  Parent of 5 year old in Pre-K